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Trash Bags - Description

Awesome Car Trash Bags To Keep Your Car Clean and Tidy

Cleaning a car is easy. Keeping it clean is the real challenge, especially when it comes to trash.

Candy wrappers, takeout bags, soda cans, and plastic bottles are some of the most common items left inside a car. With nowhere to put their trash, passengers often leave them in cup holders, the floor, or any nook they can find! Residual liquid from soft drinks leaves the floor sticky, while food leaves it greasy.

A car trash bag placed in strategic areas like the backseat or inside a cup holder can help manage the mess. Trash bags also help protect a car’s upholstery and carpet from leaks, spills, and stains.

What are the types of car trash bags?

There are several types of trash bags for cars and trucks available, depending on the need:

  • Floor trash bags
  • Center console trash bags
  • Backseat trash bags
  • Front seat trash bags

Car trash bags are versatile because they can hang from the front seat or a center console. They can also fit in hollow center consoles and cup holders. A floor trash bag for trucks does the trick for older trucks with bench seats.

What do we look for in a car trash bag?

When it comes to quality car trash bags, here are some of the things to look out for:

  • The Mounting System. Check the type of mounting system the trash bag has and make sure the car can accommodate it. Some trash bags have straps for the middle console, while others have hooks for the headrest. Other car trash bags can squeeze between the middle seats or sit on the center console.
  • Leakproof and Waterproof Design. The top trash bags are leakproof and waterproof. These will have either a permanent liner or a removable one. Removable liners are easier to clean and act as an extra layer of protection from spills and leaks.
  • Lids and Covers. A good car trash bag will have a lid that not only keeps litter in its place but also keeps foul odors from escaping. A covered trash bag can also make the car look clean. Look for trash bags that have magnetic flap lids so the trash doesn’t tumble out.
  • Extra Pockets and Storage Space. Trash bags for trucks and cars often have extra pockets for storing water bottles, snacks, and other items. Having extra pockets doubles the storage space in the backseat.
  • Size and Shape. Larger car trash bags can hold more unwanted litter like big water bottles, plastic cups, and takeout containers. Bigger also means better when it comes to long road trips, so the trash bags don’t need constant emptying. Trash bags come in many shapes: square box, rectangular, cylindrical, and flat.
  • Materials and Ease of Use. The best car trash bags are the ones that are the easiest to clean. Bags made with waterproof vinyl are on the top of the list, followed by plastic trash bags. Avoid trash bags that use porous or sticky materials because these will attract dust, crumbs, hair, and dirt. Look for trash bags that have quick-release buckles and hook-loop systems that can easily attach and detach from headrests or center consoles.