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Car Seat Accessories - Description

Car Seat Accessories

Car seats are a must-have for keeping young children safe while they ride in the backseat. However, safety isn’t the only thing parents worry about when traveling with kids. Keeping them extra comfortable and entertained while on the road is. While car seats are great on their own, car seat accessories take them to a whole new level of awesome.

What are the Most Practical and Useful Car Seat Accessories?

When it comes to baby and toddler car seat accessories, practical beats fancy every time. There are tons of products out on the market, but not all are as useful as the ones on this list:

  • Child Safety Locks for Car Seats.
    Car seat safety locks are for young and curious escape artists in the making. This car seat accessory stops a child who has figured out how to unbuckle their harness and buckle. Add a car seat chest clip to ensure that children won’t be able to remove their arms from seat belt straps.
  • Car Seat Organizer.
    Headrest-mounted car seat organizers are practical for one reason: easy access. Parents can load these up with everything a child could ever want, such as toys, drinks, books, and more. With several compartments, kids will have access to what they need, when they need it.
  • Car Seat Protector.

A car seat protector protects the car seat from spills and “accidents”. Made from water-repellent materials means easy cleanup while on the road.

  • Car Seat Baby Alarm.

Leaving a baby in the car is one of the worst things that can happen, ever! According to Kids and Cars, 37 children on average die each year when left alone in hot vehicles. A car seat baby alarm attaches to a car’s safety belt and has sensors that can detect weight or motion. Parents get a proximity alert on their phones when they leave their children in the car.

What Accessories can Make your Car Seat More Comfortable?

Comfort is the name of the game when it comes to keeping kids happy in the backseat. Entertainment is a close second. Here are some must-have toddler car seat accessories:

  • Car Seat Strap Covers. Foam inserts can help protect a baby’s sensitive skin from chafing.
  • Car Window Sunshade. A car sunshade attached to the window can help keep the harsh glare from the sun out of the cabin.
  • Headrest Mount for Tablets. Endless hours of entertainment and no more fighting about who gets to hold the tablet.
  • Seat Belt Pillow. Soft cushioned pads can help bigger kids avoid getting a stiff neck or sore shoulders. This also protects their delicate skin from chafing.

Which Car Seat Accessories are the Safest for Babies and Toddlers?

Babies and toddlers are fragile and their safety should be priority number one. When buying toddler and baby car seat accessories, choose products made with soft and lightweight materials. Car seat accessories should also be shatterproof so they don’t become a hazard during a crash.

Toddler and baby car seat accessories to consider:

  • Shatterproof baby mirror so parents can see their babies and vice versa.
  • Car-friendly plush toys to keep babies entertained.
  • Travel tray with foam inserts that attach to the car seat to keep toys and other stuff from falling.
  • Lightweight car seat baby blanket for extra warmth.

With the right car seat accessory, keeping children safe, comfortable, and entertained in the car is now a possibility. Make sure to choose products made with child-friendly and safe materials for a fun and worry-free ride.