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Car Wash - Description

Car Wash Tools

Owning a car is a huge investment.

Protecting that investment should be priority number one. Car paint is brittle and sensitive to exposure. Bird droppings, salt spray, dirt, bugs, asphalt, and acid rain are some of the things that can do a number on a car’s paint. Washing a car regularly can help preserve its showroom shine for years.

However, using regular detergent, liquid soap, and an old rag won’t cut it. The wrong equipment can damage a car’s topcoat and expose the paint job to the elements. Exposed paint can lead to fading, flaking, and even rust if there are tiny scratches or dings.

Regular cleaning using the right car wash tools can help protect a car’s precious paint job.

What Tools Do I Need to Detail a Car?

Washing a car requires special equipment tailor-made to help get the job done right. There are different car detailing tools for interior and exterior detailing a car.

For interior detailing:

  • Vacuum
  • Upholstery cleaner
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Interior protectant
  • Foam sponge

For exterior detailing:

  • Two buckets
  • Absorbent waffle-weave microfiber towels
  • Car wash soap
  • Car wash mitt
  • Clay bar
  • Blower
  • LED detailing light
  • Dual-action rotary buffer
  • Car wax
  • Microfiber towels
  • Silica-based paint sealer

What Things Should I Avoid During the Detailing Processes?

There are several things to avoid when detailing a car.

  • Waiting too long between detailing sessions.
    Not having a regular car wash schedule allows rain, salt, dirt, grime, and other nasty stuff to build up. Asphalt and watermarks are tough to remove once they’ve settled.
  • Applying car wash soap all over the car all at once.
    While soaping the car from top to bottom may sound efficient, it’s not. Soap dries up like water, especially on a hot day, and the chemicals can damage the paint if it sits too long. Apply soap in sections (roof, hood, doors, etc) and rinse each one before moving on. This same principle applies to applying wax because dried wax is harder to buff.
  • Cleaning the tires last.
    Tires are the dirtiest part of a car. Cleaning it last using the same soap bucket used for the body won’t clean the tires well. Cleaning it last may also re-introduce dirt, mud, and other stuff on the already clean exterior. On the same note, never use a soap bucket used for the tires on the car’s paint.
  • Washing and waxing a car under the sun.
    As mentioned earlier, soap and water dry faster under the sun, causing streaks and watermarks. Always choose a shaded area when detailing a car. The same goes for waxing a car. Never apply wax under the sun.

What Car Wash Tools do Professional Car Detailers Use?

Professional car detailers use the same car wash supplies and tools mentioned here.

How Can I Detail My Own Car Like a Pro?

When it comes to auto detailing, it’s all about technique.

For instance, pros always use two buckets – one for water and one for soap – and they never use a dirty bucket. They use color-coded microfiber towels for interior, exterior, and glass for better efficiency. Pros work on the car in sections, doing the interior detailing first, before moving on to the exterior of the car. They always choose a shaded area to do their detailing and never wait for soap, water, and wax to dry.

Lastly, pro detailers clean the glass of the vehicle and apply a silica-based paint sealer. Paint sealers are clear coats that add an extra layer of protection to the car’s paint.

Follow the basics mentioned in the previous section and you can’t go wrong!