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Phone Car Mounts - Description

Car Phone Holder

When it comes to safety and convenience, nothing beats a car phone holder.

It only takes a split second for accidents to happen, which is why phones always need to be within reach and sight. A good car mount placed in the right spot can be a game-changer when it comes to road safety. Mounted on the dash or windshield, phone holders are great for cars that don’t have built-in navigation systems.

Why is a car phone holder a must-have?

A car phone holder is an important accessory for safety, navigation, and communication. It’s also a great tool for hands-free entertainment. Here are some of the reasons why car phone mounts are a must-have accessory:

  • Safety. Fiddling with a phone in one hand means that the driver has only one hand controlling the wheel. Driving one-handed is a pothole away from losing control of the car! A car phone mount helps drivers keep both hands on the wheel, where they should be.
  • Navigation. GPS-powered turn-by-turn navigation helps drivers avoid traffic and reach hard-to-find places with ease. For cars without built-in navigation systems, a phone with Waze or Google Maps will do the trick.
  • Communication. The dangers of texting and driving have been well documented, which is why it’s illegal in 48 states. A phone holder for cars allows drivers to make and receive important calls hands-free. Using voice commands to call someone is critical, especially in road emergencies.
  • Hands-free entertainment. Keeping one eye on the road and one eye on the car stereo is impossible. A car phone mount lets drivers focus on driving without fiddling with their phones to change a song.

Where is the best place to put a phone holder?

Car phone holders should be as close to the steering wheel as possible. This setup limits the distance the eyes have to travel between the road and the phone. It also lets drivers glance at their screens to check out the map or see who’s calling.

There are four types of car phone holders:

  • Phone holders that attach to the dashboard.
  • Phone mounts that attach to the CD/DVD player.
  • Phone holders that attach to the A/C vent.
  • Phone mounts that attach to the windshield.

Some dashboard car phone holders use adhesive and magnets. Others have a base that uses suction to attach itself to the windshield. The type of phone holder will depend on the user, what type of car they drive, and the phone model. The placement of the phone mount (left or right) boils down to personal preference.

What should I look for in a car phone holder?

Look for car phone holders that won’t harm your phone and the car’s interior. If you’re averse to installing anything, car phone mounts that use suction or A/C vent holders are the best options. The adhesive used on dashboard mounts will degrade over time but it often leaves residue. A/C holders are by far the easiest to install but can be flimsy.

How to choose the right car phone mount?

Here are a few steps when choosing the right car phone mount:

  • Determine where you want to place your phone.
  • Not all phone holders can accommodate large phones, so check the specifications before you buy.
  • Make sure the phone holder can support the weight of your phone. It’ll fall off when it’s too heavy.
  • Determine your level of expertise when it comes to installing accessories. If you have limited DIY skills, choose a mount that requires no installation, like A/C phone holders.
  • Choose a phone holder for a car that won’t damage your phone and your car’s interior.