Automobile Dent Suction Cup


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Repair unsightly damage

If you’ve got annoying dents on your car or truck’s body from a minor accident, there’s a great DIY
solution that you can try before heading to the auto shop. Let our clever Automobile Dent Suction Cup
take a go at it first.

The power of suction

In one handy tool

Inverse suction power

Because the metal on your car is dented in, this powerful suction cup sucks on your car’s body,
forcing the metal to invert and “undent” itself.

Long-lasting construction

Our Automobile Dent Suction Cup is made of a thick, sturdy rubber, a metal spring, and strong
plastic handle. Repair all kinds of damage with this handy tool.

Easy four-step process

Place the suction onto the site of damage, close down the handle of the air-pressure switch,
press down the suction tool, then pull outwards to invert any indents.

Works for other households needs

From glass and tile floors to just being a convenient safety handle bar for the elderly in tight
spaces, our Automobile Dent Suction Cup is a versatile household item.

Repairs made easy…by you

If you have minor dents on your car, this Automobile Dent Suction Cup might just be the cost-effective
solution for you to undo damage on your own.


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