Breathable Cloth Steering Wheel Cover


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Soft-touch support where you need it

Get a grip on driving (literally) with this textured Breathable Cloth Steering Wheel Cover that provides
better steering-wheel control.

A better hold

(A safer drive)

No slips, no slides

If plastic- or leather-wrapped steering wheels feel too slippery for you, allow our cloth,
grip-textured cover to provide some extra hold for you.

Every position of the clock

Whether you hold the steering wheel at the 9 ‘o clock of 6 o’ clock position, our plush
cover features textured grip mounts to provide cushion and hold for your hands.

Fits most steering wheels

With 15” in diameter, our Breathable Cloth Steering Wheel Cover fits most standard steering

Long driving, made better

Relieve hand pressure with the soft cloth of this plush covering. The breathable mesh
ensures a non-sticky, sweat-wicking construction for supportive hold.

An amazing auto add-on

Get better steering help and comfort when the road is long ahead; our Breathable Cloth Steering Wheel
Cover supports grip for easier driving.


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