Circular Magnetic Phone Mount


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Stick it, hold it

Sturdy, dependable phone-hold support is a sticker away. This Circular Magnetic Phone Mount utilizes magnets to ensure a strong and steady hold for on-the-go convenience.

Hold on tight

View with ease

See from every angle

Built-in 360-degree support at the base allows you to swivel your phone to view with ease.

Stick-on magnet wonder

Each purchase comes with a sticker magnet you place on your phone so it can attract and attach right onto the magnet base of this mount.

Full-metal build

Our stick-on holder is made from pure metal for a sturdy and solid phone accessory that’ll last. Four strong built-in magnets ensure rock-solid absorption.

Dash-on greatness

Our mount is designed with a sticky bottom that can securely adhere right to your vehicle’s dashboard, for right at-your-fingertips control and eye-level viewing. Remove and place in different places over and over with ease.

A working wonder for all

Our Circular Magnetic Phone Mount supports phones ranging from 4” – 7” in size, so just about every phone owner can use some support.


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