Hexy One Car Seat Organizer


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Hexy One Car Seat Organizer

This seat organizer is an must-have car accessory for families with kids who want to organize the backseat space and keep their car clean on family trips.

Hexy One Car Seat Organizer
Hexy One Car Seat Organizer

No more stress

You key to smooth family trips

Travel essentials in one place

Store drinks, snacks, wet wipes, toys, books, sunglasses, hand sanitizers, and other things for you and your kids conveniently in one place.

Doubles as a kick mat

An extra layer at the bottom of this organizer softens baby kicks and protects the upholstery from dirty marks, scratches and scuffs.

Unique design

Soft PU leather build with a hexagonal pattern will blend in with your car interior and bring coziness and comfort to your family travel experience.

Keep it under control

Make your child happy and entertained on the road and your car perfectly clean and tidy – at one stroke!

Easily cleanable

Remove dirt, liquids and dust effortlessly in a flash with a damp cloth or a wet wipe.


This organizer fits all car models – from SUVs to vans – with detachable seat headrest. Plus, the attachments straps are easily adjustable for a perfect fit.

Hexy One Car Seat Organizer

Forget the mess of family road travel

Hexy One Car Seat Organizer

Quite a few pockets

Eight pockets for all your child’s travel essentials – from toys to books – and a touch-friendly tablet pocket for cartoons.

Hexy One Car Seat Organizer

Smart & secure design

Metal hooks and a non-slip bottom keep the organizer securely in place. Installation is easy and takes less than a minute.

Hexy One Car Seat Organizer

High-quality materials

Only vegan and non-toxic materials – durable, easy-to-clean PU leather and waterproof baby-safe TPU tablet pocket.

Improve your road trips with our premium-quality products


You can wipe it with a damp cloth or hand-wash it with warm water and mild soap.

They hold bottles and glasses up to 1 liter.

No, legroom will not lessen, even if you fill up all the pockets.

No, you can just attach the organizer to the headrest and to the back of the seat and that should be enough. You can opt to fasten all three for a very snug, rock-solid hold though.

Yes, the TPU pocket is designed to be touch-friendly.

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About Owleys

Owleys is a premium car accessories brand based in California.
We create accessories for any kind of car traveling – road trips, camping, picnics, nature trips, and
daily rides.
Our main goal is to bring comfort, convenience and emotions to every moment you spend in your car.
We ourselves enjoy traveling with our family and friends, so we have two main product lines: traveling
with kids and traveling with dogs. With these products, we want help you take care of your loved ones
when traveling by car and spend a great time on a road together. Creating our accessories, we care for
both kids and adults – as well as both pets and their owners. Therefore we never use genuine leather and
choose PU leather instead.
For our products, we prefer using low-maintenance, eco-friendly and durable materials that will
withstand your trips with the most mobile kids and pets.


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