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Trash goes right where it belongs: in the trash

Ever wonder why cars don’t come built with a trash can? We wonder that too sometimes. While it’s unrealistic (and unsightly) to install a full-size trash bin into your front passenger leg space, there is a more appealing solution: a small trash bin that can fit conveniently into a cup holder in your vehicle. Say hello to our Mini Car Trash Bin. Made of premium quality braided, which makes it more durable and sturdier than normal cables but also flexible tangle free, withstand a variety of everyday connection needs and long-term use.

Small + sturdy

Made from non-toxic ABS plastic, our little trash bin mimics the look of large, full-sized trash cans, with a “PUSH” logo at the lid opening. The can fits right into a standard-sized cup holder for a trash bin for snack wrappers right within your reach. The can measures 7.9 x 2.7 inches (L x W).

A great gift for anyone

From a teenager with his first car to a sloppy coworker whose car is always like a trash fill, everyone can benefit from the gift of being cleaner and more organized. Give the gift of keeping trash responsibly stored with this Mini Car Trash Bin.

Not just for the car

It’s made for use in the car, but it doesn’t mean that’s the only place this handy accessory can stand up. Our little trash can also works great at your work desk, on your bedside night table, or even in the laundry room for some place quick and easy to dispose of small trash.

43 reviews for Mini Car Trash Bin

  1. bestvehiclemart

    Such a neat idea! Don’t know why I didn’t get it earlier. Just no more mess in the car! Especially handy for useful hand wipes and candy wrappers. My car looks clean and uncluttered all the time. Fits great on the side of my door so it does use the space for my water bottles.

  2. bestvehiclemart

    Great if you have kids. They can just throw away their snack wrappers, tissues, etc. instead of throwing on the floor. Also, I got little biodegradable thin bags to place inside of each holder. This way I can just “empty” the trash whenever they fill up.

  3. bestvehiclemart

    Another type of trash bin I bought was too large for the front side doors, but this fits with no problem. Yay!

  4. bestvehiclemart

    These fit great in my new car! Didn’t like the PUSH on the lid, so I made up a vinyl cover-up.

  5. bestvehiclemart

    Fits well in the car door slot. Perfect for fast food receipts parking garage tickets and other small trash. Forces you to empty it out because once full you can no longer push the lid.

  6. bestvehiclemart

    Lovely design. Replaces loose paper, wrappers etc with a sleek trap door trash bin so little messes just do not get started. Didn’t know how much I need it before I started. Mine fit in the front or rear door just fine.

  7. bestvehiclemart

    Fits really well in car cup holders. Also probably a good idea to use doggie bags so you don’t have to wash it out. Really handy good quality mini trash bin.

  8. bestvehiclemart

    Excellent product for my SUV! Fits perfectly in the side pockets. Easy to dispense trash and works great when you have kids!

  9. bestvehiclemart

    No more receipts all over my dashboard

  10. bestvehiclemart

    I seem to always have little pieces of trash in my car – gum wrappers, straw covers, etc. I use my car for business and got tired of using the extra cup holder as a trash can. But now I have this trash bin, and the design is also very presentable. Recommend.

  11. bestvehiclemart

    Perfect to keep all the small trash in one place and not all over the floor. I also got one for the backseat, so my son now have his own trash bin and quite happy about it.

  12. bestvehiclemart

    Definitely smaller than you think, but it works perfectly. Got one for me, and another one for my husband – we both use them now and very satisfied.

  13. bestvehiclemart

    This is an awesome trash can for your car. This fits perfectly in the door of my 2020 Honda CR-V. This is small but perfect for Kleenex, candy wrappers, straw wrappers and other small items.

  14. bestvehiclemart

    Didn’t know I have so much trash in my car until I started to collect it in my new trash bin. Wow! Totally recommend anyone with a car.

  15. bestvehiclemart

    I use the small plastic bags with it, so it’s super easy to empty anytime!

  16. bestvehiclemart

    Simple and convenient for all the small trash

  17. bestvehiclemart

    When you are driving you just put small items wherever and the mess adds up. But it’s not just practical things. I also like how the bins look. . Love things like this and highly recommend this product.

  18. bestvehiclemart

    I always use a small trash bag in my car. My husband hates to have a trash bag. I bought a set of these compact trash cans. The size is perfect for a cup holder. The size allows for fairly large pieces of paper, wrappers, and other trash. Press the opening for easy disposal. When full, empty the contents and rinse the plastic as needed. Even my husband loves the design, convenience, and tidy appearance. So, we both approve.

  19. bestvehiclemart

    I love these trash bins. Now my 2 year old Knows where to put her trash and she loves it too! I have another car trash box but that’s for bigger things and it’s very useful to me as a mom, but this small one is perfect for the small stuff like gum I want to throw away or the wraps, gas or store receipts.

  20. bestvehiclemart

    its a car trash can. Works fine and fits in my door or cup holder.

  21. bestvehiclemart

    I like putting small things in there and then emptying it when I get home

  22. bestvehiclemart

    Little thing to keep your car tidy!

  23. bestvehiclemart

    Cute and functional. Fits nicely in the door panel cup holder. I am very satisfied with this product

  24. bestvehiclemart

    These are the perfect size for all the small trash you usually have during the long ride

  25. bestvehiclemart

    Nice and nit ,fit anywhere in the car, good for small pieces of trash like receipts or gums

  26. bestvehiclemart

    These showed up and are truly adorable! The openings have a ‘pop back’ effect like a real trash can. They fit in my side doors/clip on the pouch of my sedan back seat perfectly. I needed these for wrappers and receipts, and they should do the job!

  27. bestvehiclemart

    These make great gifts as they can set into most cup holders. Easy to wash and sanitize, great for disposing of used tissues in a closed container.

  28. bestvehiclemart

    Helps keep my car looking clean all the time!

  29. bestvehiclemart

    It’s tiny but fits perfectly in my Hyundai HB20X

  30. bestvehiclemart

    It works like a charm. Except the base is too small for the cup holder in my door. I put a piece of thick around the trash can. Fits absolutely perfect now.

  31. bestvehiclemart

    Good for used masks. You just shove them in the tiny trash can. It fits perfectly in the cup holder.

  32. bestvehiclemart

    Really useful

  33. bestvehiclemart

    Surprisingly nice design! The lid is quite useful, it’s very easy to use even while driving.

  34. bestvehiclemart

    Great for collecting parking receipts.

  35. bestvehiclemart

    Quick delivery, the bin fits into the door panel holder.

  36. bestvehiclemart

    The lid got broken after a while, and I didn’t do anything extra. Was just putting a couple of drinking straws inside and pushed the lid to close, and it’s somehow fell off a socket. Disappointed.

  37. bestvehiclemart

    Nice reliable trash bin.

  38. bestvehiclemart

    Gave one to my wife. She immediately put it in the door panel holder and seems to use it a lot

  39. bestvehiclemart

    Incredibly practical trash bins for my car

  40. bestvehiclemart

    Ordered this to help me keep my new-to-me car tidy. It’s smaller than I thought – for example, the wrapper of big mac is too big and takes almost all space in the bin

  41. bestvehiclemart

    I got these for both my cars! Very simple and useful, and super easy to clean!

  42. bestvehiclemart

    So convenient…

  43. bestvehiclemart

    The quality is fine. Everything is secured, the lid is okay. The big snag is that it does not fit the cup holders in my Citroen C2.

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