Multi-Purpose Folding Shovel


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Twenty-three functions.One do-it-all solution.

When it comes to rigorous garden work, tree work, or surviving the great outdoors, the last thing anyone wants is burden. And that burden can not only be unexpected weather conditions and steep hills, but also a heavy load of tools and utensils to bring. From multiple shovels to choppers and hammers, sometimes you almost need to carry a fully-loaded toolbox with you. When armed with our Multi-Purpose Folding Shovel, you won’t have that issue anymore. Do everything with one tool that folds and has detachable parts for just as much functionality in much less space.

You get all of this (in one tool)

180 degrees of use

All attachments from the knife to screwdriver are foldable up to 180 degrees to assist with tasks at any angle. No need for multiple tools. Adjust and get to work to handle anything.

Made tough for heavy duty work

Our Multi-Purpose Folding Shovel is forged from Manganese steel and 404 stainless steel for a tough-as-nails build that can handle tough digging and trenching, all without falling apart.

Scale up or down

This wonder tool extends fully to 29 inches in length, weighs just 1.94lbs, and is fully adjustable to any length in between so anyone of any build and height can safely carry and move this multi-use shovel with ease. When fully folded, our Multi-Purpose Folding Shovel measures 9 x 6.5 x 1.8 inches for easy, compact, on-the-go use.

It can ensure your survival

In the case of a dangerous downpour on a camping trip or roadside emergency, the many uses of this shovel can save a life.

  • Protective layer on magnesium rod handle that can start a fire when scraped with a blade
  • Emergency whistle to signal for help
  • Rope cutter to free trapped seatbelts
  • Bladed shovel and knife attachment head to fight off danger


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