Nylon Car Window Shade


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Keep your vehicle cool

Block out the sun’s UV rays

From hot summer days to long afternoon rides inside the car, be proactive about added sun protection with this Nylon Car Window Shade. Go beyond the windshield and get high-performance coverage for all your door windows.

A great way to chill out

An easy solution

Generous coverage

Our cloth cover measures 7.9” x 3.9” x 1.2” (L x W x D) and is flexible, allowing a stretch that covers most sedan doors.

Relief for pets and the elderly

If you have passengers who require greater care in tow, this shade can help provide greater heat relief when on the go on a hot day.

No tools required

All you have to do is pull and stretch the fabric so it covers your door window completely.

An extension of your windshield shade

The bad thing about sun coverage? Most shades are designed just for the windshield — but heat can still permeate into the front and back seats. Our nylon cover helps cover all your bases.

A summertime must-have

Block out the heat when you’re on the road and away from the car with this clever, flexible Nylon Car Window Shade.

Nylon Car Window Shade


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