Sleek Air Vent Air Freshener


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Sleek, futuristic style

There’s no bulk required to freshen up your car’s interior. Our Sleek Air Vent Air Freshener brings you
a card-size-slim solution that fits discreetly for smart design and function.

Hit refresh


Go any way

Situate the freshener vertically or horizontally (depending on your air vent design)

Designed to delight

Six release outlets enrich your car interior with the captivating cologne scent (built into the

Slim in size

This Sleek Air Vent Air Freshener measures 3” in width and is just 0.3” in depth, proving its
truly slim dimensions.

Nasties, be gone

Still catching a whiff of last night’s leftovers you took home? Still able to smell the stench
of that week-old trash left in your car? Blast the bad smells away with this sleek but powerful

A beautiful, modern piece

Whether you attach this Clip-On Car Phone Holder to an air vent or to your sun visor, its slim build
isn’t bulky nor will it block the driver’s visibility at the windshield.


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