Travel Buddy Dog Seat Cover


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Travel Buddy Dog Seat Cover

This Owleys dog seat cover is a perfect accessory for those who want to travel by car with their pets in
the back seat or in the luggage compartment.

Travel Buddy Dog Seat Cover

Keeping your car clean when traveling with dogs is easy

Take your four-legged friend with you

Enjoy a clean back seat

Forget about dirt, dog hair, sand and dust in your car after traveling with your pet-friend.

Damage-proof materials

A six-layer build is waterproof and plastic-thickened sidewalls protect against teeth and

Easy to clean

Quickly remove dirt, dust and liquids with a damp cloth, and get rid of pet hair with a
vacuum cleaner.

Keep your pet safe

4 headrest attachments, 2 seat anchors, and a non-slip bottom keep the cover in place, while
the seat belt holds your pet for his protection and comfort.

Travel Buddy Dog Seat Cover

Be a super-parent for your dog

Forget the stress of traveling with your furry friend and make it easy and enjoyable with Owleys – let
your Travel Buddy take care of car cleanliness.

Unique multi-purpose fit

The Travel Buddy will fit any car model with seat headrests. Use the cover all over your back seat or
luggage compartment, or unzip it in the middle and use only half of it, freeing space for other
passengers or pieces of luggage.

Travel Buddy Dog Seat Cover

Enjoy smooth road trips with your dog

Travel Buddy Dog Seat Cover

Anti-slip bottom coating

A PVC layer on the bottom of this seat cover holds it securely and prevents slipping – even in
leather car interiors.

Travel Buddy Dog Seat Cover

Strong & durable fastening

The cover attaches to the car seats with metal hooks and durable textile straps. Velcro secures
the zippered sidewalls.

Travel Buddy Dog Seat Cover

Deep storage pockets

Store favourite toys and care supplies in two pockets for the convenience and comfort of your
dog on the road.

Improve your road trips with our premium-quality products


The Travel Buddy will fit all car models that have headrests on their seats.

No, this seat cover is not recommended for washing machines. Use a damp cloth, vacuum cleaner, or your hands to gently hand-wash it.

Yes, you can easily fold this cover when not in use. All its parts are conveniently foldable.

Yes, it does. High sides and secure attachments will keep your pet from moving forward while you’re driving.

The dog safety belt is included with the cover, so you don’t need to buy it separately.

Yes, there are special holes in the folds of the Travel Buddy for attaching the dog safety belt.
Travel Buddy Dog Seat Cover

About Owleys

Owleys is a premium car accessories brand based in California.
We create accessories for any kind of car traveling – road trips, camping, picnics, nature trips, and
daily rides.
Our main goal is to bring comfort, convenience and emotions to every moment you spend in your car.
We ourselves enjoy traveling with our family and friends, so we have two main product lines: traveling
with kids and traveling with dogs. With these products, we want help you take care of your loved ones
when traveling by car and spend a great time on a road together. Creating our accessories, we care for
both kids and adults – as well as both pets and their owners. Therefore we never use genuine leather and
choose PU leather instead.
For our products, we prefer using low-maintenance, eco-friendly and durable materials that will
withstand your trips with the most mobile kids and pets.


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