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Steering Wheel Covers - Description

All About Steering Wheel Covers

Extreme heat, oil, dirt, damp hands, and grime degrade the wheel’s material. In time, the edges of the steering wheel will shrivel and flake off and discoloration will occur. When a steering wheel looks dull and dated, it affects the rest of the car’s interior.

The solution is to use a steering wheel cover, but not all covers are created equal. Doing a search for “wheel cover for car” on Google can give you information overload. Don’t worry, we got you and your steering wheel covered (pun intended).

Read on to find out more about steering wheel covers and how to choose the best one.

How do I know my steering wheel cover size?

Before choosing a steering wheel cover, there are a few things you need to consider.

  • While most covers are universal, you still need to measure your steering wheel for a better fit. Typical steering wheel sizes range from 14 to 17.5 inches (36–44 cm) in diameter.
  • Choose a steering wheel cover with the right size that conforms to the size of your steering wheel.
  • Check whether your wheel has a round or flat bottom, like the ones in Formula one race cars.
  • Steering wheel covers should always be tight against the steering wheel, not loose.
  • It should never slip off when you grip the wheel. Slippage can be dangerous when driving.
  • Each brand will have different size specifications.

How do I measure my steering wheel?

Measuring your steering wheel to get the correct steering wheel cover is critical. Here’s a quick refresher on what this entails:

  • Diameter – a straight line that passes through the center of the wheel and whose endpoints lie on the wheel. It measures the inner part of the steering wheel.
  • Circumference – is the perimeter of the steering wheel. It is a closed curve used to measure the outer part of the steering wheel.
  • Grip circumference – this is the measurement of a steering wheel’s thickness when gripped.

How to measure the diameter of a steering wheel:

  • Stretch a tape measure across the front of your steering wheel from each side.
  • At the center of the wheel, place the tape measure on the outer edge of one side to the outer edge of the opposite side. This should measure anywhere from 14 inches to 17.5 inches.

How to measure the circumference of a steering wheel:

  • Use a piece of tape to mark 1 inch of the tape measure. Stick to the top outer edge of the wheel.
  • Go around the outer edge of the steering wheel until you reach the point where you started. Make sure the tape measure remains steady. Expect a measurement of 43 inches to 54 inches.

How to measure the grip circumference of a steering wheel:

  • Wrap a tape measure all around the steering wheel like you were gripping it.
  • Expect a small measurement of about 2-3/4 inches to 4-1/2 inches.

Do steering wheel covers help with heat?

When choosing a steering wheel cover for your vehicle, where you live matters.

Interior vehicle temperatures can skyrocket, especially in the summer. It is usually 20 degrees hotter inside your car, so choosing the right materials for your wheel cover is critical.

If you live in a location with a temperate climate and the wheel doesn’t get too hot, a leather or vinyl cover works great. But if you need to let the AC run for more than five minutes, opt for a thicker wheel cover or one that has microfiber built-in.

Why would a steering wheel need replacement?

Replacing a steering wheel only happens when there is structural damage or faulty wiring. Some people even buy expensive racing-inspired steering wheel replacements. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give your old, cracked, and faded steering wheel an instant upgrade. A good steering wheel cover can make your car’s interior look new. The wheel gets the most attention in the cabin other than the center console.

Need something more personal? Make a statement with a designer steering wheel cover.

Is the steering wheel cover safe?

High-quality steering wheel covers are safe to use. Designed to increase the driver’s grip, they provide better steering control and less hand fatigue. Steering wheel covers work great, especially on worn-out steering wheels. But some covers are outright dangerous to use. The materials used in cheap steering wheel covers become brittle in heat. This production flaw causes slippage and sagging that can become a hazard when driving.

When choosing a cover, make sure you get a good brand from a reputable seller like Best Vehicle Mart.

Do I need a steering wheel cover?

The short answer is yes.
The steering wheel is the most handled surface in a car. Considering all the action it gets, steering wheels can deteriorate over time. Oil, dirt, grime, smudges from hands, and fingernail marks can do a number on them. A good steering wheel cover can help preserve the surface of your steering wheel. It can improve your grip on the wheel that limits driver fatigue for long drives. It can also help dissipate the heat on a hot day.

For a better and safer driving experience, get a steering wheel cover. Your car and your hands will thank you!