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Tablet Car Mounts & Holders - Description

Tablet Holder For Car: A Quick Rundown

Most new cars have built-in touchscreen infotainment systems that double as backup cameras. These head units look like iPads or Android tablets and even have apps of their own, such as maps and music players. Performance-wise, however, is what differentiates a real tablet from a stock head unit. Built-in touchscreen head units are often clunky to use and have slow response times. This performance hit is due to low-spec hardware and buggy proprietary software.

The solution is to use a tablet that you already own and attach it to your dashboard or backseat via tablet mount or car tablet holder. This is a seamless strategy that is practical and easy to install.

Do I really need a car tablet holder?

Tablets are awesome gadgets due to their size and versatility. Mounting a tablet in a car becomes problematic due to its size and weight. A tablet holder for a car can be a useful companion accessory for tablets of all sizes. For Apple users, an iPad holder for a car can handle even the Pro series of iPads.

There are several reasons why a tablet mount is a must for car owners:

  • Due to its size, a mounted tablet is better for navigation apps like Waze or Google Maps. Tablets often have more accurate GPS than stock head units.
  • Tablets have all the best map apps, streaming apps, browsers, music, and video conferencing apps, all on the go.
  • A tablet mounted in the car’s headrest can double as an entertainment system for children in the backseat, especially on long drives.
  • Using a tablet mount is more affordable than buying and installing an aftermarket head unit.

What are the types of car tablet mounts?

When it comes to car tablet mounts, there are several options available:

  • A tablet mount that is installed on windshields or dashboards.
  • A car tablet holder that attaches to headrests or floors.
  • A tablet holder built for cup holders.
  • A car tablet mount that attaches to a CD slot.